St Peter's Choir


Not only is St Peter’s home to one of Oxford University’s finest mixed-voice choirs, but its chapel is fortunate in that it still possesses its original organ, built by “父亲”亨利·威利斯 in 1875.

Almost all of the current choir are members of St Peter’s College, although a small number of students audition to join who are members of other colleges.

The Choir sings an extensive repertoire of Church music, primarily at the two Evensong services in St Peter’s each week during term. It conducts UK and overseas tours, and performs several concerts each year.

The Choir is known for its very high standard and broad range, and its members are some of the leading musicians in the wider musical activities of the University.

The Director of Music is assisted by two undergraduate 器官学者, who receive lessons in organ studies, choral conducting, and singing.

The Music List for Michaelmas Term 2019 可以在这里找到.

A choral version of the college grace, composed by Alexander Butt, 可听了这里.

St Peter's College intends to make a number of awards to singers who are undertaking graduate study at the University during the academic year 2019 to 2020. Two awards will be available for Tenors, and one for a Bass.

The value of the award is £1250. Successful applicants are expected to play a leading role in the work and life of the Chapel Choir. For further information write to Professor Edward Higginbottom:

The majority of the Choir is made up of undergraduate 合唱学者. The selection process for Choral and 器官学者hips is centrally organised, with auditions and interviews being conducted in mid-September. Choral candidates are required to return in December for the selection process for an academic place. More information can be found at the 音乐教师网站.

A University Open Day for those considering applying for a Choral or 器官学者hip is held annually in April (further details can be found on the 音乐教师网站)。我们也很高兴的潜在申请人进行非正式的访问,并能够为您安排与您的访问期间,合唱团演唱。同样,我们非常乐意考虑由学校或青少年合唱团访问。请联系音乐总监的进一步信息。

Postgraduate students who wish to apply for a 合唱学者hip are generally advised to contact the Director of Music once they have been accepted to the University.

The Director of Music, Prof Edward Higginbottom, is assisted by two undergraduate 器官学者。器官学者分别接受教训器官的研究,合唱指挥,并从斯蒂芬·法尔,保罗·斯派塞唱歌,和尼古拉斯监狱长。网赌网址教堂是牛津大学最大,最多才多艺的表演空间之一,可容纳大型管弦乐及合唱表演毫无困难。 1875年父亲威利斯器官是由伍斯特的尼科尔森在2012年建立了一个腔器官,大键琴戈布尔和博兰斯勒三角钢琴的补充。

教堂合唱团由 合唱学者 从大学内的其他歌手和外部通过面试录取。目前有每年可没有任何限制八项大奖的语音类型和额外的奖励,以足够的功德歌手制作。合唱学者在每周两个服务(晚祷星期日和星期四足月时)唱歌,在大学的音乐生活中发挥主导作用。合唱团是由器官学者音乐总监的全面监督下工作,与他们分享的服务,音乐会和旅游责任管理和指导。学院拥有与利物浦圣公会大教堂,这也得到了主教弗朗西斯·詹姆斯查维斯成立强烈的历史联系,并有成员之间定期互访。

六角高级器官学术是£500的值,并且西拉杰辛格kandhari初级器官学者接收£300。第一个是在识别博士Roger和黄穗Allen和在识别校友先生harjeev kandhari的后者的命名。圣彼得通常希望选出隔年的器官学者但是这可根据情况而有所不同。大学通常只选出一个机构的学者识谱,但合唱奖学金申请是来自各学科的欢迎。关于如何申请,请更多信息 点击这里.

The Director of Music welcomes enquiries from prospective candidates at any time. For more information or to arrange a visit contact the Director of Music, St Peter’s College, Oxford. OX1 2DL.


安德烈在十月2018年在圣彼得开始在他的差距,今年,他担任管风琴在居住潘本学院和副伴奏在潘博恩合唱团,与他在莫扎特的安魂曲和晚祷发挥低音部,以及从摘录协奏曲为钢琴和乐队没有。 21。

From 2015-2017 he studied at Pangbourne College as a Music Scholar, prior to which he attended the Third Belgrade Gymnasium.

Siraj Singh Kandhari Junior Organ Scholar

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From 2012 to 2017 he studied piano at the Royal Birmingham Junior Conservatoire alongside academic studies at Bourne Grammar School, as well as studying organ with Robert Gower.

St Peter’s College Chapel is fortunate in that it still possesses its original organ, built by “父亲”亨利·威利斯 in 1875, just as he was rising to the height of his fame with instruments such as those for the Royal Albert Hall and the Alexandra Palace. 

但随后在1889年由当地的建设者,牛津大学的马丁,谁增加了一个开放的金属挡板踏板师稍微放大。否则,威利斯的原始工艺的质量和耐用性确保了它曾在圣彼得 - 乐贝利(后来的网赌网址礼拜堂)的教会崇拜下一个百年。

By the year 2000, the instrument had fallen into disuse and needed substantial repair. In view of its considerable artistic significance, the decision was taken to rebuild, and, in 2003, it was completely restored by Nicholson of Worcester in an appropriate historical manner. 

Henry Willis Organ

The original tracker action is in place, the refurbishment of the pipework carefully retained the original Willis voicing, and the original pitch-pine finish of the casework and console was painstakingly reclaimed. Even the hand blowing equipment was restored to full working order. 


Through its Founder, Francis Chavasse, St Peter’s has strong links with Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and the Cathedral Organist, Professor Ian Tracey, gave the opening recital in September 2003 to great acclaim.


Henry Willis Organ Console


A full specification of the organ can be 这里下载.

Hilary Term 2012 ended with two events to mark the dedication of the new Chamber Organ, generously donated by former Chaplain, Christopher Jones, and given in honour of Caroline and John Barron (Master of St Peter’s, 1991-2003).

周日4 2012年3月,该合唱给巴赫的经文歌 'JESU,MEINE依此解释'(BWV 227)的礼仪表演,大合唱 'vergnügteRUH'(BWV 170)和 'weinen,klagen,SORGEN,zagen'(BWV 12)中,用独唱尼古拉斯普顿(计数器男高音)及合唱成员马修汤姆森(男高音)和Neil mccleery(低音)。 

在伴奏和低音部器官部分是由前器官学者刘易斯·布里托 - babapulle(斯托学校的风琴选)和高级随后器官学者西奥·莱斯特播放。初中器官学者戴维·奎恩,进行了经文歌。前合唱团成员,玛丽莎pueschel,在大合唱12所发挥的双簧管伴奏。