St Peter's Chapel


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Everyone is welcome to attend and you are free to sit quietly – there is no obligation to join in with any hymns or prayers. College chapels have a long history of being places where people have space to explore their beliefs.

除了服务,学院牧师, revd博士伊丽莎白pitkethly, also hosts a range of events throughout term, details of which are below. She also acts as a member of the 学院的福利小组.

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一周的足月主要服务于 Thursday and Sunday evenings. The Thursday service is at 6.15 pm and the Sunday service at 6 pm. Both are usually based on the traditional Anglican service of Choral evensong (Book of Common 祷告) and are led by the Chaplain, the revd博士伊丽莎白pitkethly. These services include excellent music by the college’s magnificent choir, a psalm, two readings from the Bible, some prayers; on Sundays there is also a short sermon (ten minutes) and two hymns and on Thursday there is one hymn and no sermon. 

周日讲道涉及到每学期一个主题。它们是由牧师和由一系列扬声器由多种不同的基督教面额的递送(例如浸,天主教)。去年来的嘉宾包括当地的神职人员(如查理巧妙,ST aldates教堂校长,牛津大学和彼得圣玛丽马格达伦树林),学者(如安德鲁博士gosler,大学研究讲师鸟类和保护;在人类研究所研究员) ,杰出的专业人员如理查德戈登,博士伊莱恩·斯托基(编剧和广播)的利达伙伴,和。 


compline takes place twice a term (usually weeks 2 & 6) on a 星期二晚上在晚上9点 (请参见日期教堂项卡)。这是通常被称为“夜晚的祈祷”,这持续了二十二十五分钟之间一个安静的反射服务。这是一个良好的服务来试试,你可以只进来,如果你愿意,也可以蜡烛,坐下来,静静地反思语言和音乐。大多数人都喜欢来坐起来对所谓的唱诗班的前面,但我们欢迎您来坐你喜欢的地方!传统compline的是,在该社区说到神在一天结束的时候,要求他的和平,帮助和保护的夜晚开始每一天的结束发生在寺院的订单服务。 

足月时也有两个服务 圣餐: at 9 am on Sundays, followed by an informal breakfast in the Chaplain’s room, and at 12.30 pm on Thursdays. These services last for approximately 25 minutes.




The Gideons are happy to make available Gideon New Testaments and Psalms to any student who might find it helpful to have a copy. There are some at the back of Chapel which you are welcome to take.

Each term there are two events: normally there is a social meal before compline in week 2 and later in the term either a social meal or a guest speaker and a meal. All events are relaxed and informal.



牧师有过大学chaplaincies接触 与不同信仰的牧师职位组,所以如果你想了解不同群体牧,不要联系她(有许多信仰团体牧师和神父可以把你的联系很容易)。特别是,非基督教信仰的成员都非常欢迎把自己介绍给牧师和参加任何牧师的活动,如每周的茶和蛋糕!

茶与足月星期四蛋糕在牧师的办公室从3.00-4.30下午5贝瑟。 Everyone is welcome to come along. We make tea (and coffee) and chat – all sorts of people come, not just the religious ones! It is primarily an open and friendly time to meet each other.

教堂 was designed by Basil Champneys as the parish church of St Peter-le-Bailey and dates from 1874. It was Champneys’ first building in Oxford, and demonstrates his capable but restrained command of the Gothic style.

The building replaces two previous churches which had served the same parish. They were located on what is now Bonn Square at the end of New Inn Hall Street. The name ‘le Bailey’ derives from the proximity of these original churches to the bailey of Oxford Castle. 

The Norman church, known as St Peter-at-the-Castle, was destroyed when the tower collapsed in 1726. Rebuilt in 1740 in the Italianate style, the church was demolished in 1874 to relieve traffic congestion and rebuilt further north on its present site.


The parish church was renovated for use as a chapel in the late 1920s. Most of the newer decorative fittings are memorials to the Chavasse family. The oak cross once used to mark the grave of 诺埃尔·查维斯 可以看到教堂的北墙。 

诺埃尔在1914年送往法国作为医疗人员利物浦苏格兰军团。他在1915年获得了军事十字架,成为第一次世界大战的最伟大的英雄之一,是在解决冲突的唯一的人被两次授予维多利亚十字 - 为英勇在guillemont,法国(1916年)和英雄主义在wieltje,比利时(1917)。

His medals, along with those awarded to his siblings, two of whom were also awarded the Miltary Cross, can be found in two display cases either side of Noel's grave cross.

A memorial to Francis Bernard Chavasse, who also served as a Medical Officer in the Great War, can be seen close by.

The memorial panel (1932) on the North Wall is a bas-relief depicting Bishop Francis James Chavasse at prayer. It is a cast taken from the original by David Evans in Liverpool Cathedral.

The oak and limewood reredos is a memorial to Edith Chavasse, wife of Francis James Chavasse, and dates from 1929. It is dedicated to wives and mothers. Designed by F.E. Howard and carved in the workshops of A.R. Mowbray & Co, it is divided into five niches. The centre depicts the resurrection, the others showing scenes from the life of St Peter.

The pastoral staff used by Christopher Chavasse when he was Bishop of Rochester can be seen to the left of the altar. It was given to Christopher by his sisters, the twins May and Marjorie Chavasse, in memory of their brother Aidan, who died during the First World War.


东窗 - 圣彼得的生活:查维斯纪念(1964年)

这种玻璃是英国主要的彩色玻璃艺术家的重要前期工作 约翰海沃德(1929年至2007年). He made his reputation with the striking window in St Bride’s Fleet Street, London, shortly before this. His other major work is the West Window of Sherborne Abbey.

Hayward’s figures are typically elongated and ascetic, with faces like Greek masks. He not only designed but made all his windows in his distinctive style.

东窗是由圣彼得,是谁在持有圣彼得 - 乐贝利的塔在他的左手的核心人物为主。他是通过场景从他的生活,以及由唤起克里斯托弗·查维斯,在其内存安装窗口生活中的各种图案,包括一组奥运五环,他的锡的腿,他的军事十字架,和他的烟嘴包围。

西窗 - 基督与九个使徒(1874)

The window shows ten figures under architectural canopies designed by the major Victorian stained glass artist 亨利假期(1839年至1927年), made by Heaton Butler and Bayne, set on a background of plain glazing in 1964. The design and execution is conventional late 19th-century work.

The heraldic devices are of the eight Rectors who had served the church since its consecration.

南圣坛窗口 - “在他手中的种子会成长”(1943年)

彩色玻璃的这个杰作是由匈牙利艺术家制作的, 埃尔温·博桑(1891年至1975年)。它不是一个委托创作的作品,但由艺术家制作的“让他的手。”


‘A mother distributes the fruits of the earth. She feeds the birds, and gives some fruit to her young son. The boy offers the fruit to Christ, and as He holds it in his hand it starts to grow and becomes a beautiful plant’.

The window has been exhibited widely. It was given a permanent home at St Peter’s by the beneficiaries of the artist’s estate, in memory of Ervin and Wilma Bossányi, with its installation in 1997 made possible through the generosity of Mr and Mrs Robin Hodgson.